TBL 21 - Triple Bottom Line for the 21st Century

Welcome to TBL 21

TBL 21 stands for Triple Bottom Line for the 21st Century, and is a nonprofit business network organization providing resources, education, guidance and promotion to associates. TBL 21 brings leading business owners together and positions its businesses, individually and collectively, on the cutting edge of triple bottom line sustainability.

Most business owners are deeply aware of our planetary ecological crisis, but are often lacking the resources or expertise to contribute to and benefit from economic, environmental and social solutions. Association with TBL 21 bridges the gap. Challenges become opportunities for strong community, meaningful employment, a healthy environment and a prosperous local economy.

The triple bottom line provides a framework for the development and advancement of a culture of sustainability by expanding the traditional definition of business success to include the well-being of all stakeholders.

What are the three bottom lines?

  • Profit
    Your established traditional measures of financial performance
  • People
    Commitment to your employees, customers, suppliers, and community
  • Planet
    Reduction of your carbon footprint, resource consumption and pollution

The idea behind TBL 21 is that a business pays attention to all three bottom lines, and especially how they influence each other, as the key to enhanced prosperity and lasting sustainability.

TBL 21 is a gateway to enhanced sustainability, enriched community awareness and increased prosperity for your business.

TBL 21 is all about sustainability, expressed in the Triple Bottom Line framework. The three bottom lines are:


  • • Profit, the traditional financial measure of your business success;

  • • People, the prosperity and contribution of your employees, customers, suppliers and community;

  • • Planet, the reduction of your carbon footprint, resource consumption, and pollution.


TBL 21 stands for Triple Bottom Line for the 21st Century: addressing today's problems, and capitalizing on today's opportunities. TBL 21 means More Than Green!