How TBL 21 Began

TBL 21 has a distinguished background based upon more than 15 years of research, discussions and activities including a 5-year inquiry at the national and international levels. We began with a visionary statement of deep understanding:

 “Real peace will require fundamental transformations of our own thinking, our organizations, and our whole network of institutions. Because of its central place in modern society, business will be at the heart of that metamorphosis – either as part of the problem or as a force for creative change.

Business has become the most powerful institution on the planet. The dominant institution in any society needs to take responsibility for the whole. But business has not had such a tradition. This is a new role, not well understood or accepted. …Every decision that is made, every action that is taken, must be viewed in light of that responsibility.”

- Willis Harman 
Former President, Institute of Noetic Sciences; 
Emeritus Professor, Stanford University; 
President, World Business Academy

Phase 1
In 1983, David Wick assisted in the development and launch of Pathways To Peace,,which became a United Nations NGO. While at Stanford University, David led the creation of a symposium on September 17, 1985 focused on the question "What is the relationship between corporations, business and peace?" This powerful and fulfilling experience inspired further meetings 2-4 times a year. Further exploration, which continued for 10 years, became known as the Peace Within Organizations Project under the Pathways To Peace (PTP) umbrella.

Phase 2
In 1995, as part of World Peace Day, Avon Mattison of Pathways To Peace, and Willis Harman of The Institute of Noetic Sciences and Director of PTP, launched the PeaceBuilding Inquiry into The 21st Century (PB21). The invited members of this extraordinary five-year inquiry were business leaders and planners, educators, writers, community leaders, United Nations officials and governmental leaders.

The focus of the inquiry became "We The People's Initiative: PeaceBuilding Through Business", co-sponsored by PTP and the Fetzer Institute, in association with the World Business Academy. David was a key planner and facilitator of the five-year inquiry which concluded in October, 2000.

Phase 3
PeaceBuilding Through Business (PBTB) has been founded in the The Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. Our regional community is poised to benefit from exploration of the question, "What is the role and responsibility of business in the 21st Century?" by national and international business leaders for over 15 years.

The heart of Phase 3 is the development of a culture of sustainability through the triple bottom line (TBL) approach involving economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity. We will continue to develop the concept and practicality of PeaceBuilding as it relates to the business community, and will assist in the evolutionary step toward taking “responsibility for the whole”. The goal is to clearly identify the strategies, practices, and values that will allow companies to direct their resources toward providing greater well being and a culture of sustainability and peace. This focus may be internal for a company, and/or external, including local, national, and international levels in scope.
The Triple Bottom Line for the 21st Century Iniative (TBL 21) has been developed to launch Phase 3 and focus the work of PeaceBuilding Through Business in Southern Oregon. The triple bottom line represents sustainable business practices regarding people (social equity), planet (environmental stewardship) and profit (economic prosperity).

For current status contact David Wick: david (at) silverlightpub (dot) com. 

This work has evolved to become part of the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission which embraces the evolving role and contributions of the business sector in our communities. Information found at